Rainy Day Spring Style

Rainy Day Spring Style

Since it’s a rainy day today (at least for me it is) I decided to do a rainy day look for you guys! I’m totally loving this look and I hope you guys do to! Let us break down this look! I decided to do some leggings with this look because on rainy/stormy days I love to be comfortable (and who doesn’t love leggings?!) Then I chose a super cute and comfortable jacket! Yes I know North Face jackets are expensive but they will last a long time and they are a great stable piece! I decided to go with black leggings and jacket because I wanted the shoes and other accessories to pop! For the shoes (which I’ve got to say are my ABSOLUTE favorite piece of this look) I obviously wanted to have a rain boot but I wanted it to pop! That’s why I chose this amazing color! Hunter Boots are amazing and whenever I looked online for this color of boots I couldn’t find them but I finally found them at Nordstrom (yipeeee!) Since it is a rainy day you always have to carry an umbrella with you! I chose this adorable pink and white polka dotted one! For the hair I chose a cute side braid so if you need to you can put you hood up! Okay fact I love backpacks and a lot of my spring collections are going to feature backpacks! I think backpacks are always a good idea for rainy days because you can put all your stuff in there and it won’t get wet! Sometimes purses have openings so you don’t want to carry that around on a rainy day (at least I don’t!) Anyways I chose this adorable black and white striped backpack from Pink by Victoria’s Secret. Lastly I chose this gray scarf because I thought it added a nice touch!
I decided that I will officially start posting my spring collection on March 1st! Like this if you can’t wait and I might show you guys 2 looks from my Spring collection!

Spring Collection Preview

Spring Collection Preview

This is just a preview of lots of spring clothing collections soon to come! I really like this collection! I can’t wait to share with you all more collections! Anyways lets break down this outfit! The shirt is a loose gray top that say sorry I’m late, I really like this because its a versatile shirt you could wear it to bed or dress it up like I did in this collection! The skirt is sorta a flowy skirt (which I love!) it has some brown in it which I incorporated with the shoes and bag! The shoes and bag are pretty self explanatory. Lets say that its a little colder and you don’t want to wear sandals! You could also wear a pair of combat boots or booties (not the kind babies wear!) I chose a bright pink lip color because this collection is for Spring and since there are more brown tones in it I wanted liven it up a little! The hair could go a lot of ways but I decided a braided bun would look amazing! I love the gold studs for the earrings and the stacked bracelet has some gold tone in it to match the studs! I hope you guys enjoyed this little preview of my Spring Collection! I’m not sure when I am going to actually launch this but I will keep updates!

Nail Art Essentials

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