Spring Collection Preview

Spring Collection Preview

This is just a preview of lots of spring clothing collections soon to come! I really like this collection! I can’t wait to share with you all more collections! Anyways lets break down this outfit! The shirt is a loose gray top that say sorry I’m late, I really like this because its a versatile shirt you could wear it to bed or dress it up like I did in this collection! The skirt is sorta a flowy skirt (which I love!) it has some brown in it which I incorporated with the shoes and bag! The shoes and bag are pretty self explanatory. Lets say that its a little colder and you don’t want to wear sandals! You could also wear a pair of combat boots or booties (not the kind babies wear!) I chose a bright pink lip color because this collection is for Spring and since there are more brown tones in it I wanted liven it up a little! The hair could go a lot of ways but I decided a braided bun would look amazing! I love the gold studs for the earrings and the stacked bracelet has some gold tone in it to match the studs! I hope you guys enjoyed this little preview of my Spring Collection! I’m not sure when I am going to actually launch this but I will keep updates!


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